Research & Development
With incessant passion on R&D, we pursue the new value and differentiated product development.
Research Activities
Major Research Activities with a Goal to Improve the Life Quality of People
The Central R&D Center has conducted R&D in all areas in relation to the human healthcare from new drug to materials.
The Center has put every effort on competency in order to grow into a Global Total Health Care R&D Center.
By major research field, the Center consists of Research & Plan (Discovery and plan of new product, Open Innovation), Drug Manufacturing & Research (New drug, Incrementally Modified Drug, generic development), DDS Research (Long-acting injectable drugs, devlopment of controlled drug release technology), Bio Herb Medicine Research (Development of high-added value new materials, development of natural drug and health supplements), Medical Device Research (Development of hydrogel-based products, development of a treatment drug for osteoarthritis), Pre-clinical study team (Efficacy, Pharmacology, Toxicity), and Analysis Team (Analytical Method Study).
Incessant Challenge to Develop New Products
In order to secure the new growth engine, the Central R&D Center has focused on the development of various new products such as an innovative new drug around treatment drugs for obesity and diabetes in a new mechanism, a treatment drug for dementia and a local anesthetics through further development of a base technology of controlling drug release, a complex drug to improve dose convenience and drug tolerance, a new improved drug with long-acting release, new bio materials, and biocompatible medical devices.
Reinforcement of Global Competency
All researchers in the Central R&D Center of Dongkook Pharmaceutical share the vision of 'All Researchers are Global Experts’ and make an effort to possess research competency of global competitiveness.
They have pushed forward for R&D with a goal of developing differentiated products to impress customers with a new value.